Cut Back On Absenteeism And Provide Your Employees With A Sense Of Well-Being

If you oversee a production crew at a metal fabrication factory and would like to cut back on absenteeism and provide your workers with a sense of well-being, changing the way in which you handle conflicts can be rewarding and promote a positive work environment. Use the options below to help you achieve these goals. 

Sign Up For A Counseling Program

Personal issues or matters that occur in the workplace can cause an individual to experience grief, discomfort, and embarrassment. If someone is struggling to face an issue and doesn't know which way to handle their personal crisis, they can be led astray and can cause themselves more harm than good. One way to help your workers in their time of need is by offering them free sessions with a counselor.

A counseling program that is designed for employees can cut back on negative feelings and help your employees overcome their issues without being judged. After signing up for a counseling program, provide each employee with a counselor's contact number. Workers can make appointments without anyone else knowing and can speak in confidence to a counselor whenever an issue arises. By having a counselor readily available, employees will not need to take time off work to attend an appointment with an independent counselor. 

Provide Employees With An Anoymous Comment Box

Your workers may wish to voice their opinions, but may feel as if they will be judged or criticized if their peers know how they truly feel. One way to provide your workers with anonymity is by placing an empty box next to your office and labeling the outside of the box so that your employees will know that they are welcome to place comments inside of it.

Cut a small slit in the top of the box and provide slips of paper and pens for your workers to write on. Hold an informal meeting and tell your workers that you are willing to read all of the comments and that you will do your best to make positive changes that will benefit everyone. 

Commend Workers And Reward Them

If your workers feel valued and know that you appreciate all that you do for them, they will be less likely to call in sick and may feel motivated to do their best while they are completing work duties. Pay close attention to the quality of the work that is completed and commend workers for a job well done. Every once in a while, reward your workers by providing them with a vacation day or by offering to buy them their lunch.

Contact a service, like Corporate Health Resources, for more help.