Created The Next Big Invention? Hire A Registered Patent Agent To Help You

If you created an invention that you know will be the next big thing, you need to get it patented before someone else steels your idea. Fortunately, this is not difficult to do as there are many people that can offer you their assistance as you go through the process. One such professional is a registered patent agent. Below is more information about this so you can get your invention on the market.

Hire a Registered Patent Agent

A registered patent agent will make things go much easier for you. This is a person that has to take a test to become certified. The test is called the United States Patent and Trademark Patent Bar. If you hire a patent agent, ask them if they have this certification. This is because this is needed for someone to have the legal right to help you get your invention patented. Many patent agents can also work as attorneys.

The patent agent you hire should also have experience working with the type of invention you have created. For example, you may have an electronic, mechanical, or scientific invention. If you have created new software, you want someone that has a background in computer science and software and not someone that has a background in physics.

How a Registered Patent Agent Can Help

One of the first things a patent agent will do is to ensure your invention has not already been created by someone else. They do this by doing a patent search. They will not only search the United States but may also search foreign patents as well. This will take time, but it is well worth it. If not, you may get your invention on the market and be sued by someone that has already patented the same invention.

Once the patent agent finds there is no patents on your invention, they will help you file an application. You file this application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). It is important that this application is filled out correctly so if you do it on your own you may make mistakes. The patent agent can go over the entire paperwork with you to help you fill everything out.

Once the patent application is sent, the patent agent can keep you up to date on its process. It may take some time to get your invention patented, depending on how many applications they currently have.

Talk with a registered patent agent to learn much more about this process.