Don't Take Chances With Fire: 3 Reasons You Need A Smoke Control System In Your Commercial Building

When it comes to your commercial building, fire safety should be one of your main concerns. You owe it to yourself, your employees, and your customers, to ensure a safe environment at all times. If you have smoke detectors and a working sprinkler system, you've got a good start to your fire safety plan. However, you could still take it one step further by installing a smoke control system as well. You might not realize this, but the smoke caused by fire can be just as deadly, if not more so, than the fire itself. In fact, smoke inhalation is often the cause of fire-related fatalities. Knowing that, it becomes imperative that you have a way of controlling the smoke within your commercial building. That's where the smoke control system comes in to play. Here are just three of the ways that a smoke control system will benefit you, your employees, and your customers, during a fire.

Keeps Smoke Contained to One Area

During a fire, smoke can spread throughout a building. In fact, the smoke can actually spread faster than the fire itself. That's why you need a smoke control system. This system will contain the smoke to one area of the building – the area where the fire began. The containment of the smoke to one area will give everyone more time to clear the building.

Keeps Exits Clear of Smoke

One of the problems associated with the spread of smoke during a fire is that the emergency exits can become blocked. The buildup of smoke by the emergency exits makes it difficult, if not impossible, for people to safely vacate the building. A smoke control system will prevent smoke from filling the area around the emergency exits, making it safer for people to use those exits. Not only that, but the system will also create pockets of clean air that can act as safety zones for people to take cover in while they exit the building. This is particularly important when people are trapped in areas awaiting evacuation.

Prevents Smoke From Rising to Dangerous Levels

During a fire, smoke rises towards the ceiling, which creates a dangerous situation for people trying to evacuate. One of the benefits of a smoke control system is that it will prevent smoke from rising up towards the ceiling, keeping it down closer to the ground. With the smoke contained closer to the ground, you, and everyone in the building, will have a reduced risk of smoke inhalation.