Six Things You Shouldn't Assume When It Comes To Taking A CAOHC Recertification Class

It's important to be informed when it comes to meeting your responsibilities as an occupational hearing conservationist. In particular, you need to understand CAOHC recertification requirements and attend to them to keep your CAOHC credential valid. 

The following are six things you shouldn't assume when it comes to taking a CAOHC recertification class. 

Getting recertified is not necessary.

Maintaining current CAOHC certification is essential for many professionals working as occupational hearing conservationists. Even if you have changed professional positions since you were first certified, that doesn't mean CAOHC certification isn't required or beneficial in your current position.

You really need to do your research before deciding that you don't need to become recertified. Otherwise, losing your certification could negatively impact you professionally. 

Taking your CAOHC recertification class is just a formality.

You shouldn't look at recertification like it's just a step you have to go through to satisfy a professional requirement. Instead, you should consider the new knowledge you can acquire from recertification class.

Your undergoing recertification can benefit both you and the individuals at your organization to whom you offer occupational hearing conservation services. 

CAOHC recertification doesn't provide any new information.

Some individuals assume that CAOHC recertification classes only consist of reviewing old information. However, it's important to consider that the information covered in certification and recertification classes is periodically updated. 

Occupational hearing conservation is a field in which developments and changes occur frequently. Undergoing recertification class ensures that you are informed on any updates in the field. 

You're entirely on your own when you're studying for CAOHC recertification.

You don't have to feel like undergoing CAOHC recertification is a solitary endeavor. You should feel free to reach out to you instructor or fellow students in your class if there is an online forum available to you that you can use to get in touch with others.

Connecting with others in your class makes you feel more engaged and gives you the opportunity to ask questions to advance your knowledge. 

All you have to do is take a class to become recertified.

Taking your recertification class is the most important step to go through to become recertified. However, this is not the only step. You'll also need to submit an application and pay a class fee as additional steps in undergoing recertification. 

You can always get recertified after letting your CAOHC certification lapse.

Allowing your certification to lapse can complicate things for you when you try to become recertified. If your certification has lapsed, you will have to seek an extension to keep your certification current. This certification might not necessarily be approved.

If your extension is not approved, you will have to start over and go through a complete certification course from the beginning. 

Check online for more information about available CAOHC recertification classes