Here's Why You Should Hire a Professional Land Surveyor

Land surveyors are professionals in measuring, gathering information, and enabling efficient administration and planning on land. They are guided by the law and use unique hardware and software equipment such as 3D scanners, measuring tapes, tripods, and total stations to provide accurate property information. If you're engaging in an activity involving land (i.e., buying or selling, construction, and boundary marking), a professional land surveyor should be your first contact. Below are some of the benefits of hiring services of a registered land surveyor.

1. Guidance on land matters

When buying a property or starting a project on a piece of land, you need a surveyor. They have professional training in land matters. Surveyors guide you in understanding a particular area's land titles and zoning laws. That information is essential for planning the right activities for the land and the suitable structures to build. Additionally, if you plan to sell your property, a surveyor will help you formulate a property report. That document entails all the property details, i.e., complete diagram, dimensions and boundaries, structures in the property, and nearby roads.

2. Protect yourself from boundary disputes

Misunderstandings and confusions relating to property boundaries may result in disputes and hostility with your neighbors. Furthermore, failure to properly mark your boundaries may lead to mandatory demolition of your structures because of encroachment. Surveyors protect you from such disputes by helping to create boundary lines and corners to prevent encroachment. They do that by calculating the size of land through practical application of concepts like geometry, mathematics, and geography. They also provide knowledge on the history of the property, boundaries created in prior subdivisions, and restrictions on further subdivisions in a land dispute proceeding.

3. Get the correct property value

When buying land in an area, the seller might easily overprice to maximize profits. On the other hand, you might also undervalue your property when selling it to another person. Land surveyors help get the correct market valuation. They conduct a physical inspection and prepare a valuation report that includes changes in property prices, structures erected on the property, nature of the land, and types of utilities around the area. A valuation report is also essential when using your property to apply for a mortgage. The lender will use the valuation report to know if the property is viable security for the mortgage. Alternatively, it helps you evaluate whether it's worth risking the property as security compared to the amount of loan you're requesting.

Take Away

Land transactions take time to complete because of various processes like valuation, the subdivision of land titles, and municipal authorities' permits. Hiring a professional land surveying service helps you complete these processes faster and protects you from issues like overvaluation and undervaluation and land disputes.