What Does A Pharmacokinetic Consulting Service Study When Developing A Medication?

For a patient to take a medicine, they must ingest it and absorb it into the body. Some components of the medicine are also excreted as a waste product. The study of this entire process is known as pharmacokinetics. When you are developing a medication, it's essential that your laboratory work with pharmacokinetics to develop drugs that are safe and effective.

The Dose-Response Relationship

One of the important factors in the development of medical treatment is the relationship between the dose given to the patient and how the dose will affect their outcome. Giving a patient a dose that is too low will lead to the medication not being effective.

Administering a dose that is too high might also hinder the effectiveness of the medication and may lead to severe or even dangerous side effects. The study of this part of the process is known as the dose-response relationship.


The body must not only absorb the medication but the drug must also reach the site of action. There might be multiple methods of delivering the drug to the patient, and researchers must determine the most effective method.

The Accumulation of the Drug

A complication when developing a drug is that the substance can accumulate in the patient's body over time. Therefore, pharmacokinetics research not only takes into account the dosage but also the effect of agents building up in a patient's body over the course of the treatment and the potential long-term effects.

Drug Interactions

During a treatment regimen, a patient might be taking several other medications. Researchers must also study the interaction that the drug being studied can have with other medications.

Types of Experiments Conducted

When studying a treatment, it's sometimes essential to perform experiments on animals to determine how safe they are before then performing the same experiments on humans. Also, various statistical techniques must be used to determine the effectiveness of the treatment.

For example, pooled analysis involves multiple studies over a long period of time. For the analysis to be pooled, the study design must be the same for each study and researchers must use the same statistical models. 

The Goal of Pharmacokinetics Consultation Services

Once your clinic has worked with pharmacokinetic consulting services, they will be able to develop medications that are safer and more effective. Then, your company will be more likely to receive a higher return on investment when developing medications that improve a patient's quality of life, alleviate symptoms, and even save lives.

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